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With our software, your life as a pilot or flight attendant will be easier and more cost-effective!


planing slightly and swiftly made

Record with our CrewApp Your complete flight log with all rosters and digitized billing documents.

This means that you always have all relevant data at hand, no matter when and where you are. This creates the best basis for your personal roster evaluation, which shows you a quick overview of details.

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MyRoster CREWtax

With MyRoster Can you create the roster evaluation with just a few clicks and Crew tax It also helps you to make a quick and transparent tax return.



Our new service CrewHealth

Discover your path to better health and fitness with CrewHealth and our experts — above the clouds and beyond...

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Important deadlines for self-employed people

Important deadlines for self-employed pilots and flight attendants...

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Crew tax

Save taxes this year

Tax tips for flight attendants and pilots Now the year is almost over and from 2018 you can slowly move away from...

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Settlement — easier than ever

We have exclusive know-how that saves you the hassle of paperwork in everyday life. Because at CrewLife, IT service experts, Lufthansa pilots and specialized tax consultants work closely together.

This allows us to offer you services that meet the latest requirements in your job.

“We organize the world of flight! ”

Your benefits with CREWlife

Complete schedule recording from on-block to off-block
Overview of all important contact details
100% correct calculation of your tax return
On average, four-digit higher tax refunds
More free time for yourself
Constantly new offers that are tailored to your needs as a flight attendant/pilot

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As an airliner in everyday life thanks

CrewBenefits“all-round supply

In the “CrewBenefits” shopping portal, you benefit from special prices for all products and services for the everyday needs of flight personnel.

From car to go, holiday bookings to HelloFreshBoxes — with every booking on the online platform, you also promote the sustainable concepts of our strong corporate partners and support non-profit organizations.

Find out more about exclusive offers!

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